Help Page

Do you wholesale your products?

Yes, we can do wholesale orders.  Email us at: 

Can I place my order online?

Yes, you can order directly through our online store:

Where are you located?

We are located in Virginia Beach, VA.    

Do you make shea butter soaps?

Yes, the majority of our soap is made with shea butter.  However, we also use cocoa butter and mango butter in several of our products.

What ingredients do you use in your products? 

You can find a list of ingredients on each product label. Oils and butters typically used include Sweet Almond, Avocado, Coconut, Olive, Shea and Cocoa butter.  We love to add color and texture by using natural herbs and other skin safe ingredients (i.e., oatmeal, rose petals, coffee grounds, sea salt etc).


Are your soaps organic?

Some of our soap are organic and some are not.  Individuals with very sensitive skin should use the organic soaps either unscented or with essential oils.


What are some of your other products?

We also make glycerin soaps with and without shea butter.  We carry hair shampoo and conditioner, body scrubs, body butters, lotions, shave soaps, beard oil and conditioners.  We also, have a line of moisturizing lip scrubs and lip balms.


Do you use animal oils in your soap?

No.  We use plant based oils and butters to makes our product.